Sustainable Elegance: Taxus baccata introduced to the Topiary Garden at Sandringham Estate

Nestled within the heart of Norfolk, The Sandringham Estate stands as a testament to both regal sophistication and natural splendour. Whilst renowned for its historical significance as the private residence to Members of The British Royal Family, Sandringham is now becoming equally celebrated for its enchanting gardens – where the art of topiary planting takes centre stage. 

Developments took place during 2023 to create a Topiary Garden covering approx. an acre and we are delighted that Hedgeworx were chosen as the sole supplier of the structural hedging plants and wonderful specimen topiary pieces for the garden.

sandringham estate new topiary garden
moving large topiary plants at sandringham
using a manitou to move heavy plants
the new topiary garden at sandringham estate
preparing large topiary prior to planting
large bespoke topiary plants at sandringham
machinery used to aid planting large specimens

The vision of His Majesty the King and a strong belief in the interconnectedness of all things is reflected in The Topiary Garden. At the heart of the garden lies the carefully chosen plant, Taxus baccata, commonly known as the English Yew, celebrated for its resilience and timeless beauty. Thirty-four exquisite pieces of topiary were chosen to shape the garden’s unique character and future, making it more than just a landscaped space.

Hedgeworx specialist equipment made light work of lifting the plants off heavy goods vehicles and transporting them to their new home. As the Gardens remain open to the public, access with specialist equipment on occasions has been restricted so old-fashioned lifting techniques were adopted, using gantries, block and tackle, and manual heavy lifting equipment. There is quite an art to moving a plant weighing many thousands of kilograms down a narrow footpath and on into a deep hole with basic tools! Doing so in a safe and controlled manner is no mean feat.

It has been a privilege to be able to showcase our wonderful plants, the teams’ technical skills and their deep understanding of the unique demands of rearing, handling, and planting very special plants within the project.

One of the clear challenges was handling and planting thirty-four one off masterpieces, some estimated to be 80 plus years old and weighing more than 3000kg.

very large bespoke taxus baccata specimen
digger preparing big planting hole
tall cone being moved by manitou
king charles new topiary garden at sandringham
taxus topiary at sandringham supplied by hedgeworx
specialist equipment being used to unload heavy plants
hedgeworks working at sandringham
specialist lifting equipment used for planting heavy plants
plants from hedgeworx at sandringham topiary garden
carefully handling heavy plants on the estate
specialist lifting equipment used for very large plants
planting topiary at sandringham king charles residence
horticultural lifting equipment
unloading plants supplied by hedgeworx

Working in collaboration with the team at Sandringham on this historic garden has been a real privilege. The dedication of all those involved has ensured that it not only meets but exceeds expectations, contributing to the enduring beauty and environmental harmony of Sandringham’s illustrious grounds.

The Gardens will reopen in 2024 for all to enjoy time and reflection within the Topiary!

About Hedgeworx


Beautiful topiary plants have long been an enduring feature of great gardens and landscapes. At Hedgeworx our range of mature topiary is spectacular. All our topiary plants are trained by highly skilled craftsmen using traditional methods and age old techniques, with of course, lots of time invested. We know how each piece started life and by whom it has been trained.

Mature pieces of traditional or bespoke topiary are our speciality and we are frequently called upon to search Europe for bespoke plants to fit seamlessly into a particular garden space.