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Planting Services

Expert site preparation and planning are key to give your plants the very best start in their new home. Drainage, irrigation, soil conditions, aspect, location and light, all need to be taken into consideration when planting hedges, trees and topiary. Every site has its own set of challenges so let us manage the planting element of your project to ensure the best possible results and the ongoing success of your plants.

lifting a large tree over the roof of a houseAnyone can dig a hole and plant, can’t they? No this is not the case. In our experience, unless you are green fingered or come from a horticultural background, most individuals or organisations don’t know how to handle large plants correctly. Even experienced contractors need help from time to time. Planting and handling specimen plants correctly is vital to the plants success. You are quite likely to be spending a considerable amount of money on mature plants so why run the risk of using contractors who don’t know what they are doing?

Did you know some plants can be planted higher or lower in the ground and show no ill effects, while others need to be planted as specific heights or they will most certainly die? Some species really dislike being planted in clay or areas where water-logging is a problem. Some species like soil with a high acidity level and vice versa. In the majority of cases tree anchors are unnecessary if a tree is planted correctly – disclaimer – there are always exceptions. Tying a tree to a post to support it is not necessarily beneficial. Planting a tree higher in the ground exposes the top of the roots earlier to sunlight and warmth with the result being new spring foliage arrives earlier.

Irrigation is probably the single most important thing to consider apart from the choice of plants themselves. By far the biggest cause of failure in plants post planting, is a lack of water (in some cases too much water). It is vital therefore that irrigation is given due consideration. Being able to apply sufficient quantities of water in the correct way is fundamental to the success of the plant. There are many different options available from leaky hose and drip bags to expensive automated systems. They all do the same thing at the end of the day but which system you use and its installation is something that should be decided well in advance of the plants being ordered.

For peace of mind why not take advantage of our full planting service right across the UK, which includes removal of existing hedging or trees, site preparation and planting. We have planted trees and hedges as far north as Inverness in Scotland to Bude in Cornwall and Maidstone in Kent, plus almost everywhere in-between. Our accreditation with Alcumus SafeContractor is for achieving excellence in health and safety in the workplace so you can be sure you are dealing with a company that takes Health and Safety seriously. Please contact us for further details.


Every project we work on and the journey of each plant we supply starts with a conversation and frequently an exchange of photographs to explore exactly what you want to achieve in the short and longer term. We work in concert with rather than in competition to experts in the landscape architectural fields.large scale contract planting We offer practical advice and the benefit of our experience to make sure our customers have confidence in their choices, peace of mind about the service we provide and – most importantly – enjoy the investment they make with us for many years to come.

Hedgeworx have advised customers in both the private and commercial sectors, from the owners of private residential dwellings and estates, to companies listed on the FTSE 100, well known sports franchises, a number of Britain’s top performing schools and universities, charities, environmental disaster response organisations and insurance companies.

We frequently work in partnership with our friends in the Landscaping industry to help clients make the right choices. There are all sorts of things that need to be considered before choosing which plants are best suited to a particular area or design. They include soil conditions, access, services, drainage, aspect, legislation, existing architecture and planting to mention just a few.
We arrange to have soil tests and analysis carried out if necessary and if drainage is an issue ground workers can be instructed to solve the problem. We are familiar with working in sensitive areas and waterways. For example, on chalk streams like the River Test, working hand in hand with our partners who specialise in river restoration and restoring fish and wildlife habitats. Please contact us for further details.

Insurance Work

garden with pleached treesIf your specimen plants have been damaged in an accident don’t despair. We liaise directly with the insurers on your behalf, manage the works and arrange for specimen replacement plants to be delivered. We use our extensive network nurseries throughout Europe to source the right plants for you.

We also partner with leading UK insurance companies, specialising in emergency response work and accidental damage claims such as oil spillages, fires, motor vehicle accidents, storm damage and flooding. Where established hedging, topiary and trees have been damaged or need to be replaced, we can provide full quotations, supply and planting services.


Special Projects and Contract Growinglawn, hedging and pleached trees

For large and unusual projects planned well in advance, we offer a contract growing service. For example, we can create complex parterres and mazes, train trees to create unusual canopy forms, design and shape exquisite pieces of topiary and shape hedging to any shape and size to create a truly instant solution. This bespoke approach invariably turns heads when the plants are installed.