Instant Hedging

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Hedgeworx are specialists in instant hedging.

An instant hedge has the appearance of a hedge that has been growing in situ for many years, and has been clipped and trimmed to its ultimate size but has in fact only recently been planted. Demand for instant solutions to privacy and security issues has increased hugely in recent years. This has largely been driven by the desire to make sure any landscaping project has a truly finished appearance. An instant hedge can be the perfect complement to a garden landscaping project or home makeover and can also save years of waiting for a younger hedge to mature.

A Selection of Instant Hedging Available

Instant hedging doesn’t always have to be tall. Our wide range of plants start at 80cm, a height which is ideal for adding mature structure without being a visual barrier. However, if privacy and security are an issue, we can supply and install hedges up to 250cm (8ft+) in height.

The plants we select for instant hedging are field-grown from single plants. These are planted in long rows on the nursery, and each plant is hand-clipped to create a finished hedge shape. The growers use a metal frame around each plant when cutting to give a consistent size and shape for every plant. The most popular species for instant hedges are:

Taxus baccata (Yew) – the classic British evergreen hedge, fantastic for shaping and maintaining as a formal hedge.

Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) – A fantastic deciduous hedge, which will change with the seasons and allow more light into the garden in the winter months.

Fagus sylvatica (Beech) – Another British classic, this deciduous hedge will also offer a degree of privacy in the winter as the brown leaves stay on almost until the following spring.

Some of the other species we offer as instant hedge plants are:

Fagus sylvatica ‘Atropurpurea’ (Copper Beech)

Ilex spp. (Holly)

Ligustrum (Privet)

Prunus lusitanica ‘Angustifolia’ (Portuguese Laurel)

Taxus baccata (Yew)

Thuja occidentalis spp. (White Cedar)

Thuja plicata spp. (Western Red Cedar)

Once transplanted into a client’s garden, our instant hedging elements or instant hedge plants will give the appearance of having stood there for many years and been lovingly clipped into a smart formal hedge. Please send us an enquiry or visit our instant hedging plants gallery for inspiration.

Due to logistics and the cost of delivery we are unable to supply less than 20 Metres of hedging, unless combined with other plants into a larger order.

lifting large plants over a house

Delivery costs depend on:

  • The order quantity
  • size: shorter hedges can be easier to transport than very tall hedge plants which may be reflected in the price
  • If you want us to plant them, please contact us to check availability.
  • Accessibility of the site
  • If any need sourcing
  • The seasonal ability to lift or plant specific species.
  • We offer a personal shopping experience, so please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and delivery timescales.

We don’t have a customer service or sales team, when you contact us you will speak to a hedging expert, who can offer practical advice, in addition to pricing inc vat or ex vat, delivery cost, order quantity and discuss pre-order for seasonally available trees.