instant hedging elements in various hights

We supply and install some of finest examples of instant hedging available.

The ability to grow virtually identical pieces makes the plants ideal for high-end or minimalist projects where every detail is crucial.

The consistency of the product is a result of an extremely precise growing technique. Plants are grown in long rows in a completely automated process. Tractors guided by GPS satellite are used to plant, clip, undercut and lift the hedges.

Each ‘element’ of hedging normally consists of four plants per metre long section, which is grown out to 40 centimetres in depth and maintained ready to be lifted year-round. Finished heights of the product vary depending on species, and range from 80 to 200 centimetres. If you require taller hedging up to 5m tall see our mature hedging.

A Wide Range Always Available

Natural, Instant Privacy

More and more landscape architects, garden designers and landscapers choose tall carpinus betulus instant hedging reaching maturity the special qualities of hedges. Instead of stone, fencing or wood they are choosing instant living green walls. The combination of top quality and ‘privacy within a day’ is highly valued. Proud owners of a new or renovated garden, terrace, swimming pool, natural pool, patio or parking space can be enclosed ‘naturally’ and instantly within a day.

No fewer than 29 varieties of ready-to-plant Instant Hedge Elements are available. The hedges are grown in arguably the best soil available on the continent of Europe and the plants are cared for by dedicated professionals. After six years on average, the hedges reach maturity. They are strong and healthy, expertly trimmed to shape and in the prime of their lives. Only then are they ready for delivery providing ultimate privacy within a day.


You could opt for an evergreen hedge if privacy is needed all year round. Privacy is guaranteed with an evergreen, preventing prying eyes seeing into your home and garden no matter the season. Your personal taste also plays a role in this with the desired look and feel being an important consideration: do you prefer the fresh, lighter greenery of thuja or jasmine? Or do you like the atmospheric, deep green of holly or yew? Here you can see our range of evergreen instant hedges.


Like most shrubs and trees, a deciduous hedge loses its leaves in autumn. Some varieties such as beech are partly deciduous and retain their brown wrinkled foliage in the winter months. Nonetheless, deciduous hedges have much to offer. Every season, you are pleasantly surprised with new often profuse colours, shapes, blossom, and in some varieties fruit.

Once the necessary preparation work has been completed for your project, your hedge will be delivered on the agreed day. All your gardener/lanscaper has to do is dig a ditch and plant the elements. Before you know it, you are sitting comfortably out of sight behind your lovely new hedge enjoying your privacy – perfect!