Cloud Trees

cloud pruned tree topiary

A Wide Range of Cloud Trees Available

Choosing a cloud tree (or ‘Niwaki’ as they are known in Japan) is a highly personal experience. Our broad network of contacts allows us to cater for every taste and preference across a wide range of species and sizes. If you are after something special then we are the right people to help you realise your dream.

Many of our cloud tree specimens are supplied in containers, meaning we can deliver a large range all year round in the UK. The very largest of them are field-grown and so only available in autumn, winter and spring. While they do need some care, they are reasonably easy to manage. Online advice from experts like Jake Hobson can help anyone who is not yet green fingered, to quickly pick up the techniques needed to begin a career in creative pruning.

A Selection of Cloud Trees for Sale at Hedgeworx

cloud pruned trees for saleEvery single cloud tree that we sell is a living work of art. Growers will carefully select suitable young plants, and then spend many years training, pruning and perfecting them into finished pieces of sculpture. It takes many years to take a young tree and turn it into a finished piece of high quality topiary. Some of the oldest cloud trees for sale at Hedgeworx can be well over 50 years old.

We have cloud trees for sale UK wide, which can be delivered throughout the year, so why not contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ilex crenata:

Commonly known as Japanese Holly, species such as Ilex crenata ‘Convexa’ and Ilex crenata ‘Kinme’ are ideal choices for smaller cloud trees which are between 120cm and 250cm tall. Their slower growth habit makes them easy to maintain and they can be kept compact. It will mature over time to form stunning dense, evergreen clouds. Many of our Ilex crenata ‘Kinme’ plants are imported from Japan.


Like Ilex crenata, Yew makes for fantastic cloud formations which will last a lifetime and longer. The most popular species supplied as cloud trees are Taxus cuspidata (Japanese Yew) and Taxus x media ‘Hicksii’. Taxus prefers well drained soil, and will not do well when the roots sit in wet soil for prolonged periods.


Pines are a popular choice if you need cloud trees with a bit more impact. We offer large cloud-pruned Pines from 1.5 metres up to 4 metres tall. The most popular species are Pinus nigra, commonly known as the Austrian Pine or Black Pine and Pinus parviflora (Japanese White Pine).


Although the Japanese have long been cloud pruning a wide range of trees both deciduous and evergreen, the demand for deciduous cloud trees is a relatively modern trend in the UK. We can offer field-grown cloud tree specimens in Green Beech and Copper Beech.

Aside from the species above, we can also supply other species such as Larix (Larch), Juniperus (Juniper) and Cedrus (Cedar).

Cloud Tree Availability

Much like our traditional and bespoke topiary, most of our cloud trees are supplied in containers, which allows for delivery at any time of year. Only the biggest specimens are field-grown. This means that they can only be supplied with root-balls in the dormant months.

Cloud Tree Care & Planting

While pruning cloud trees (or any other topiary) needs some care, it is reasonably easy to manage these plants. For a start, much advice can be found online through experts like Jake Hobson. Clients who are not necessarily green fingered quickly pick up the techniques needed and creative pruning soon becomes the norm. If you are after something special then you have found the right company to help you realise your dream.

Cloud trees are delicate and need special care when transporting, delivering, unloading and planting. While larger specimens are more robust their branches can still be damaged if not handled correctly. To avoid this, contact us to take advantage of our complete supply and UK planting service.