bespoke fagus topiary

Much like our bespoke Taxus topiary plants, our range of Fagus (Beech) topiary plants are difficult to beat for quality.

Beech offers a very different style and look to Yew, with changing colours for each season. Beech topiary is often used in less formal situations, as backdrop planting and for structure within cottage gardens and more rural areas. Beech works well where the crispness and dark green colour of Yew may be too much. Our Fagus topiary is unique, and every piece has been hand cut over several years, giving a special shape and identity to each plant.

The root systems of the plants have been managed carefully over the years, with lifting and transplanting to a final destination in mind. Each piece is regularly undercut to ensure a tight, fibrous root-ball that will lead to successful transplanting every time. Even with that in mind, it is still important to consider if you have the right soil type for planting Beech. Like Yew, Beech plants do not enjoy wet soil or heavy clay, much preferring a more freely draining soil.

As you will see from our gallery pages, there are a large assortment of individual sizes and shapes available. We can also offer Beech topiary in more common shapes, such as balls, low domes and beehives. If you think that your soil type may be unsuitable for Beech, we can also offer an assortment of Carpinus (Hornbeam) topiary that will tolerate clay soil and less well-drained sites much better than Beech.

A Selection of the Bespoke Fagus Topiary Available from Hedgeworx