We have a huge range of strong mature hedge plants that are quite simply some of the best available.

Single hedge plants to create instant screens up to 800cm tall are available in season as root-ball or potted plants. Our instant hedges are available up to 200cm tall and in some popular species 400cm tall.

Whether you are looking for an instant solution or happy to watch younger plants grow and mature over time, at Hedgeworx we have it covered.

A Selection of Mature & Instant Hedging from our Gallery

The best time of year to plant a hedge is when plants are in their dormant state – in most cases late October to late April. Planting in these months is preferable because little or no watering is required and very little maintenance is necessary. In addition, plants have time to settle in and establish themselves in their new surroundings and develop healthy new roots, all before temperatures rise and the plants start growing again. Each season we prepare for the inevitable rush at this time of year with fresh stock available and delivered throughout these months.

Potted stock is available throughout the year and in some cases these may be preferable over rootball plants when available. Potted plants have the advantage of being available in the spring and summer months when deciduous species like Beech and Hornbeam for example cannot be lifted. For those time sensitive projects in spring and summer, potted stock is an ideal choice.

If an instant hedge is what you are after then our finished, cube shaped plants and instant hedge elements are the answer. To ensure we continue to offer the very best quality instant hedge plants, we work closely with partner nurseries and nurserymen across Europe, to bring our customers the very best plants on offer.

For peace of mind we offer a full planting service right across the UK, which includes removal of existing hedging, site preparation and planting. We have planted trees and hedges as far north as Inverness in Scotland, Bude in Cornwall, Maidstone in Kent and everywhere in-between.

From young plants to mature hedges, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project in more detail.