Hedgeworx supplies a vast range of trees in all shapes and sizes. We specialise in form trees, especially larger pleached trees and other types of trained trees. We can also offer a vast range of standard and multi-stem trees in sizes ranging from 10-12 up to 40-50 and above. We hand pick our trees for quality, so you know you will always receive the finest trees available.

We also offer a planting service for all sizes of trees, to take the hassle out of finding a separate contractor. We have planted trees weighing up to four tons and over 10 metres tall, so you can rest assured when you ask us to plant your trees. We can also visit your site to discuss suitability and tree selection, as well as to go over the options for planting. Please contact us if you would like to discuss tree supply and planting.

What are Form Trees?

Certain species of tree can be trained to grow into specific shapes or forms, the term simply means the trained version of a given type of tree. We source and supply a wide range of styles and species. Popular examples being Field Maple, Hornbeam, Copper Beech, Green Beech, Liquidambar, Crab Apple, Mulbery, Lime, Pear and Pin Oak.

At Hedgeworks we specialise in the supply and sourcing of form trees, we also offer our clients a planting service along with expert advice both before and after making a purchase.