Hedgeworx is a leading supplier of pleached trees to the UK market. We supply a huge range of high quality trees and deliver to all parts of the UK. We also offer a specialist planting service which enables clients to get the best results when planting form trees. See our services page for more information.

There are essentially two ways to pleach trees. One is screen pleaching, which is typically done to create a visual barrier for privacy. The most popular trees for this purpose are Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) and Fagus sylvatica (Beech). The second method is espalier pleaching, which involves training the branches into equally spaced horizontal lines. This is done primarily for architectural effect. Our range starts with freshly pleached trees in size 14-16, and goes all the way up to mature specimen pleached trees in sizes 35-40 and above. There is a large number of species available.

Traditionally Pleached Trees

Traditional pleached trees range in maturity from one year pleached, to 5 years pleached or more. These trees have been pleached from a younger age and will offer a more established look when planted. There is less flexibility in terms of stem heights and frame sizes, but the results are very impressive. There are a large number of species available as established pleached trees.

Freshly Pleached Trees

Having trees freshly pleached to order offers great flexibility and choice. Available in a range of species, carefully selected trees can be pleached to a client’s exact specifications in terms of stem height, frame size and stem girth. The most suitable trees for fresh pleaching are Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) and Fagus sylvatica (Beech).